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After Extractions/Oral Surgery

Swelling…Following some surgical procedures, it is normal to exhibit swelling, discoloration and limited opening of the mouth. Apply ice compresses on the face overlaying the area of surgery for the first 24 hours. Keep the ice compress on one half hour, then 10 minutes off, alternating each side. After the first 24 hours, warm, moist compresses may be applied in the same manner to help hasten the healing process and limit facial swelling.
Protection of Blood Clots…Maintain gentle pressure by biting on gauge sponges that have been placed over the surgical area for at least 1 hour. Replace gauze as necessary.
Do not Rinse… Avoid the use of a mouth wash. After 24 hours, rinse with warm water every 3 or 4 hours. (The use of commercial mouth washes during the healing period is not recommended.)
Pain…Following surgery, it is normal to experience some pain and discomfort. If medication has been given or prescribed, take as instructed.
Eating…Adequate food and fluid intake following surgery is most important. A liquid or soft diet, such as, Sego or Carnation Instant Breakfast are recommended for the first 4 hours.
Avoid…All excessive activity, do not pick at the surgical area, do not consume liquids through a straw and avoid alcoholic beverages until you are no longer taking medication.
No…smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages 24 hours after extractions.
In the event that pain or swelling persists 24 hours and does not begin to decrease, please call our office at (847)229-7988.