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We accept most legitimate insurance policies.  Our professional business staff will explain to you if we honor your insurance plan. Although, we cannot assume responsibility for the collection of insurance claims, but as a convenience to you, we will file your claims for you and we will save you time by contacting your insurance company directly.
Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems with the handling of your claim.  And, if you have general questions concerning your coverage, please ask us.

Care Credit

Care Credit offers our patients financing to make dentistry more manageable with a monthly budget. Up to 12 month NO INTEREST extended pay plans are available. Please ask us for more information about these third-party payment arrangements so that you won't have to delay you dental care.
For more information contact us at (847) 229-7988 or just walk in and inquire within.


We have numerous ways to make any dental treatment affordable for you. You may choose to pay for your dental procedure with Visa, MasterCard, personal check or with cash